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Jedox Suite for Excel

Jedox Suite extends Microsoft Excel using Excel Add-in functionality.  The Jedox Excel Add-in provides access to the Jedox Suite OLAP Server functionalities directly for the Excel user and includes data modeling, report / view creation, administration and basic data importing.  Jedox Suite works with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Jedox Suite

Jedox Suite combines four Jedox core applications, Jedox OLAP Server, Jedox Web, Jedox ETL Server and Jedox for Excel into one comprehensive and customizable Planning, Analysis and Reporting platform.  Jedox Suite is available as a community or Open Source version free of license fees and as premium edition offering extended software assurance and support functionalities.

Jedox GPU Accelerator

Jedox GPU Accelerator is a technology that was developed in cooperation with researchers from the University of Freiburg, the University of Western Australia and was co-funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and Jedox AG.  It is a technology that uses Nvidia GPU hardware (parallel processors) to dramatically increase the speed of performance when using large OLAP data aggregations.  To the business user this extreme increase in speed and performance means they can tackle very large data sets that they would have previously avoided.  It also provides the opportunity to expand their reporting capabilities with the high-speed response times realized with Jedox GPU Accelerator.  At the moment Jedox GPU is only available to selected partners and customers upon request.

Jedox SAP connectivity

Jedox SAP connectivity is an additional component to Jedox ETL server which offers additional connections and extractions to access and load data from SAP R/3, SAP ERP and SAP BW Systems directly.

Jedox Mobile

Jedox Mobile is a new and exciting product that brings Reporting and Analysis with an enhanced and optimized look and feel to Apple’s iPhone and iPad.  With Jedox Mobile companies can extend the range of business-critical applications to users whose daily work is already determined by the use of smart phones and tablets.  Jedox Mobile is very new with the iPad version first demonstrated in March of 2011.  The iPhone version is planned for June 2011 with Android versions planned for the fall of 2011.

We also offer annual maintenance and support on all purchased Jedox Technologies.

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